Library Cards

If you have any questions about your eligibility for a library card, please email

  • Residents of North Andover: New borrowers are asked to show identification with their North Andover address before they are issued a Stevens library card. A parent or legal guardian must sign the registration form and co-sign the library card of any child age 12 and under.
  • Residents of towns whose libraries belong to the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium:  Patrons register in the library in the town where they reside. An MVLC card in good standing may be used in any MVLC library.
  • Massachusetts residents outside of the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC), provided they are a borrower in good standing in their home network, may either cross-register their other Massachusetts network card or be issued a Stevens library card. A patron must have his/her library card and one other form of identification (i.e. license, etc.), and complete a registration form.
  • Students at Merrimack College and Brooks School who are out-of-state residents may obtain a card good until May 1 of the current school year only.  Identification with the home address and a school I.D. (photo) are required as well. Their home address is registered along with the college or school address.
  • Local taxpayers who live out-of-state will be given a Stevens library card provided they produce a copy of their local tax bill and a proper I.D.
  • Employees of the Town of North Andover who live out-of-state may apply for a North Andover Only library card.  The card can be used only at the Stevens Memorial Library and does not include interlibrary loan privileges.
  • Out-of-state patrons who work in North Andover may apply for a North Andover Only library card provided they produce a business card or other employee related documentation and a proper I.D. The card can be used only at the Stevens Memorial Library and does not include interlibrary loan privileges.
  • North Andover Teachers: Stevens Memorial Library issues Teacher Library Cards to support the North Andover education system.  These cards are not issued to individuals who are teachers in other systems, nor are they to be used by family members of North Andover teachers.  The purpose of this card is to check out materials for school use (related to curriculum).  Personal use materials are not checked out on this card.
    • To qualify for a Teacher Card:
      • Individual must work in a North Andover school. School can be public or private.
      • Individual may teach at any grade level.
      • Education specialists, such as a Literacy Counselor, are also eligible.
      • Individual does not need to live in North Andover or Massachusetts.
      • Homeschooling parents do not qualify for Teacher Library Cards.  They may apply for personal use cards, for which standard policies apply.
  • A North Andover company may be issued a library card after sending or bringing to the library on company letterhead a signed letter agreeing to conform to the library rules and stating which company officer/executive will be in charge of the card and who will take responsibility should any delinquency occur. The card will be good for one year and may be renewed. One card per company is allowed.
  • Replacement cards cost $1.00. If a patron reports a card is lost or stolen, the patron must fill out a new registration form and show proper identification. The replacement library card will have a new library card number.
  • Forgotten Library Cards Patrons who have forgotten to bring their library cards will be required to show some form of identification before they may borrow materials.