Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Library Trustees

Eva E. Hamori, Chair
Ann H. Cavanaugh, Vice Chair
Mary M. Dishaw
William Duffy, Jr.
Stanley Limpert
Maria Galvagna Mesinger
Earl E. Svendsen

The Trustees of the Stevens Memorial Library are a 7-member, self-perpetuating Board dedicated to governing the Public Library in North Andover for the benefit of the entire community. The board fulfills its ethical, legal and fiduciary responsibilities by:

  • Establishing service-oriented library policies which uphold the principles of equal access to information and the free exchange of ideas
  • Guiding the management and maintenance of library facilities and assets and expending financial resources judiciously
  • Working to secure an appropriate municipal funding level for facilities, technology, hours of operation, collections and staff
  • Developing fund raising strategies that enhance the Library programs, services and collections
  • Managing and growing trusts, endowments, and gifts
  • Knowing and observing applicable municipal, state and federal laws and regulations
  • Working with the community to identify information needs and to develop and implement a written plan for the maintenance and improvement of library services
  • Advocating for the Library on behalf of the patrons and the residents