U.S. Passport Application Services

Stevens Memorial Library is an official Passport Acceptance Facility for the US Department of State. We offer services by appointment only.

To make an appointment at Stevens Memorial Library, please email passports@northandoverma.gov.

The passport application process can vary greatly by circumstance, so please plan at least 20-60 minutes per applicant. Individuals with more complex cases involving citizenship, parental guardianship, or last-minute travel may require more time. If the passport acceptance agent believes the process cannot be completed prior to the library closing, the applicant may need to make another appointment.

Passport Renewals

If renewing an expired adult passport that was issued within the last fifteen years, the individual must apply by mail. Renewal forms are available at the Stevens Memorial Library and also through the US Department of State website.

All other passport applications—for new adult passports, any child passport, and any renewal of a passport issued more than fifteen years ago—will need to go through a passport acceptance agent.

Please refer to the US Department of State website for documentation requirements and instructions. You may also contact them by phone or email.


  • The Stevens Memorial Library requires a $35 execution fee for each applicant, and the payment must be made by check, money order, or bank draft.
  • The US Department of State also requires a fee that varies by the applicant’s needs and situation. Please use their fee calculator, and verify the total when making your appointment. Please bring another check or money order for the US Department of State fee.

Important Notes

  • Each applicant must be present for their appointment.
  • The Library does not take passport photos.
  • Not all staff members at Stevens Memorial Library are certified passport acceptance agents, therefore appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled if qualified acceptance agents become unavailable.
  • The Stevens Memorial Library does not issue passports. We are an acceptance facility only. The US Department of State alone is responsible for evaluating applications and issuing passports.